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 Ain't Ole Duke a Hoot and a Holler!
Author: Jim Cady 
Date:   2005-12-01 11:05:05

Hello, Dan (and anyone else who may read this),

I came across this site when I was doing one of those killing time/for fun web searches on air combat, and came across him while reading about North Vietnamese pilots (http://www.acepilots.com/vietnam/cunningham.html). At any rate, I initially came across your site after viewing that one a few months back, and I just about fell out of my chair! I know that most of those in the military lean toward the political right, but I was absolutely floored by some of his positions. You do have a hilarious way of presenting them and him, however. Very entertaining!

Since then, I haven't thought about the (dis)Honorable (former) Representative Cunningham much (he ain't/weren't my Congressman), until I saw him on the news a few days ago. I must say that I was more amused than outraged at the news. Perhaps the entire right wing will get themselves jail time (if Shrub doesn't pardon them all; he is a lame duck now, after all).

Anyway, I'm kinda curious: what happens to this website now?


 Re: Ain't Ole Duke a Hoot and a Holler!
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2005-12-01 11:35:39


The website is staying for now. There's still unanswered questions, such as the real purpose of the Kontongiannis bribes (I don't believe the "pardon" explanation) and the Saudi Arabia trip with Kontogiannis.

There's the (belated) House Intelligence Committee investigation, and the question of who in the Defense Dept. were involved with the bribes.

There's an ongoing investigation with the Justice Dept's four co-conspirators, who bribed Cunningham.

After that, I don't know. I'll probably shutdown this discussion forum and mark everything as archival or historical. If I give the domain up, it will just be taken over by spammers or similar low-lifes.

 Re: Ain't Ole Duke a Hoot and a Holler!
Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-12-01 16:19:42

Don't you dare shut this puppy down. The search for the truth has only begun. This is going to get even more interesting. Anyway, you have been at this for 9-years, I 'pose Dan that qualifies you as an over night success!

Damn, Son, did you call it on this site! That reporter from Newsweek should be trying to talk to you, asking about your crystal ball. Dan, you have taken some real @!#$ from Randy defenders and I really respect the way that you did not react.

 Re: Ain't Ole Duke a Hoot and a Holler!
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2005-12-03 15:18:24

So....I'm not the only one that got contacted by the guy from Newsweek....

I didn't want to bring that up but.....yeah we talked for a good 30 minutes. Great guy. I told him to talk to you Paul, you seemed to have the information he was looking for.

I filled him in on a few other tidbits I haven't shared here. There was a site that Wilkes had up that was for a charity. It had photos of a gala dinner (where, oddly, every man had a black and white camo cumberbund) and Randy was accepting an award....didn't say what for but, now we know.....and Randy was just smiling his @!#$ off....

The guy from Newsweek didn't really know about that stuff and others....now he does.

I think Paul and Dan are right. It is not over...not by a damn sight. I can't say I am happy about any of this....not to get deep here and say what others have said already...but this is not the something I can feel entirely good about. I can say that I am satisfied. And I find it much like a car wreak. Most of outrage has passed and the reflection has perhaps begun. I am still very much interested in Randy not skating..and also to find out where else this will lead but, yeah....I am bit worn out over it.

It's just sad.

One of the reasons that I DO feel good about this is that the system worked for once. Finally, and with much kicking and screaming....the system worked.

And to Paul: I don't know where all the pinheads are that were defending Randy. You and I have dealt with a fair share in these pages and I have with many more in person..... I guess that they are eating humble pie right now....but probably not. They still think Randy got railroaded I bet. Through all of this, I have found that rarely and sadly, are you are not able to change a person's mind. People believe what they want to. I have no illusions anymore about that....

 Re: Ain't Ole Duke a Hoot and a Holler!
Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-12-03 17:50:14

R - you said, "One of the reasons that I DO feel good about this is that the system worked for once." Not only did it work, but it exposed the hugest failure of judgment and core values by a national figure perhaps in our history. This guy was a national hero, this guy was someone. Many of my fellow Naval Aviators worshipped his politics and the ground that he walked on. At conservative events and air shows, this guy was akin to a rock star. This is a real "big thing."

Remember Vistica's book about him breaking into VADM Jack Ready's office? Back in the ice ages, Jack and I were J.O.s in the same Air Group. Jack was then, I believe a Navy Commander and the C.O. of Topgun. Anyway, Cunningham BROKE into his C.O.s office! My gawd! What was he thinking then; or was this simply an event of many judgment lapses that culminated in this bribery CONVICTION where he thought nothing of his responsibility to the congress, constitution and electorate?

What was he thinking? How could Cunningham, a guy from humble beginnings, think that he could play off a couple million-dollar home in Rancho Santa Fe and drive a freekin Rolls Royce? Did he really think that people would believe that he got these luxuries on his congressional pay? Cunningham crapped out on his office and sold his image, national trust and support for chump change. He got a couple lousy million and steered contracts that seem to be worth $600 to $750 million usd . . . he got nothing, he got chump change. He sold his honor and trust that people afforded him . . . carte blanche.

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