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 Open Exchange of Ideas
Author: Brian 
Date:   2004-11-03 22:29:50

I was horrified when I first tripped into this website and saw the attacks on Congressman Cunningham. I am pleased to see that you allow "opposing" pomis of view on your post forum. This represents The First Amendment at its finest. Too many of your liberal allies are scared to publish what those of us that are right of center believe.

I guess I'm asking for you to be a bit more civil with your attacks. I mean, c'mon! Duke does a good job representing those of us in the district. Francine Busby is a nice lady whose liberal tendencies don't really reflect the constituents here.

I fully support your right to express your displeasure with an elected official but I think you would be better served to lighten up on the ad hominem comments; guys like me might take your comments a bit more seriously.

I'm sure we'll hear more from you in '06 and that's okay.

Two more years of a good Congressman!

 Re: Open Exchange of Ideas
Author: Confused by the messsage 
Date:   2004-11-14 21:42:06

Hi Brian,

I just came across the dukecunningham.org website tonight for the first time and found some interesting points of view in it.

In regards to your post 'Open Exchange of Ideas', you mention that you have a problem with less than civil attacks on the Senator and would prefer fewer ad hominem comments. That all seems perfectly reasonable to me.

Here's the confusion: your only defense of the Senator is "I mean, c'mon! Duke does a good job representing those of us in the district."

As near as I can tell, looking at his voting record and statements he has made in the congressional record as well as public appearances, he doesn't really have the best interest of his constituents in mind. Can you provide any 5 actions he has taken, in any way, that indicate he has done a good job representing us?

And if I can ask one more thing, would you mind playing the other side of the question? That is to say, could you please name 5 actions he has taken or statements he has made that indicate he isn't really representing the long-term interests of Americans? I think you can find some material in this direction by looking at his farm subsidy voting records, if all else fails.

Thanks for stepping up as the Representative's advocate.

 Re: Open Exchange of Ideas
Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-09-18 08:51:58

Brian, as for the tone of some of the attacks, some people are a bit more passionate about these matters than others. Others have as much concern, but express themselves with less passion.

You are right, Cunningham has stayed in office because a majority of the voters in his district like his knee jerk conservative views.

As Confused said, and I second, thanks for stepping up as the Representative's advocate.

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