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 Alas, the joke has been on us
Author: Alan Russell 
Date:   2005-08-10 12:48:28

Most of us in this Congressional district know what a joke Cunningham has been all these years. It's like Strom Thurmond has been representing us. No, that's probably doing the memory of Thurmond a disservice. Cunningham is in a league all his own.

Now that Duke has announced his resignation I am afraid his bribe-taking will be swept under the rug. People like Representative Darrel Issa are calling what he did a "mistake." When the average person profits $700,000, it's not a mistake. It's grand larceny. And there are consequences.

Cunningham has bilked millions in one way or another from our pockets. I say let him enjoy his wealth in prison; what I fear, though, is that he'll retire to his estate in Rancho Santa Fe where he'll lead the life of a sultan and have the last joke on us.

 Re: Alas, the joke has been on us
Author: R.B. Middlemas 
Date:   2005-08-10 14:37:50

That is why EACH ONE of us, if we give a damn, ought to keep asking questions, keep writing letters and keep digging until justice is served.

I understand what you are saying Alan. I fear that Dandy Randy will skate. This is why I have been writing letters to elected officials and the press. Asking what is going on with the investigation, why haven't we heard more and mining databases for more information.

Sure, I am only one person. What can I do? Well, if this site is any indication, I am not the only person pissed off this. If each of us does a little, it adds up. I for one intend on keeping the heat on. I don't care if the regular Joe out there doesn't care. How do you think anything gets done?

For far too long, people in this country expect not to have to police and watch - not listen - what our elected officials do. How Randy is playing this is normal. It is an integral part of the political process.

Some politician gets caught and the political machine starts up. Some well placed, intentionally misguided sound bites, or some vague information. Something to muddy the waters, fill the media with white noise and wait for John Q. Public to go back to his cheese burger. Time and time again, this approach has worked. They count on it. Aided and abetted by some of the media. The general public feels hopeless and people loose interest.

And we have the nerve to ask, “How did this happen?”.

Well, not this time. I, for one, intend on being a thorn in the side of whatever force is trying to make this whole thing with Randy go away. If it takes years, that's fine. When people stop asking questions, then we have truly lost.

The reason for this is simple. It is the obligation as citizens of this fair land in this modern era. If we don’t, who will?

Some say that it is just the way the game is played and you can’t change the rules. Perhaps not, but let’s try changing the game. And by the way, it’s not a game, it is my country. And your country. And OUR country.

What he others like him did, do and still are doing– both Republican and Democrat – is bad enough. Fine. But what really gets me is the complete impunity with which they operate. It is indicative of the contempt that they have for the general public that elects them and the lack of even passing respect that they have for their office.

For me, the time of the sound bite and the beauty contest (not that this was ever an issue with Randy mind you) is over. Focus on what they do - not what they say, or how nice they seem, or what they promise.

 Re: Alas, the joke has been on us
Author: Duke watcher 
Date:   2005-08-14 09:29:28

The Southern Federal District Attorney's office is supposedly investigating the Duke, along with a grand jury probe. Funny, you hear nothing about it. The Duke and his cronies are secretly negotiating an out for the Dukester, so that he can maintain that lucrative Federal pension and to minimize damage to the Republican party. But then again, politicians are all crooks.. The Duke will "skate", as they operate under different rules than the average citizen..

 Re: Alas, the joke has been on us
Author: Danny R. 
Date:   2005-09-03 16:53:34

What joke? you sound like paranoid fools gone off the deep end.
The real people causing damage to America are the ones allways
putting down the country. Im an independent, I see the democrats
undermining our progress and siding with the real enemy which is
Radical Islam. You people on the left have the same talk as the terrorists.
You all say the same type of things. Just compair the talk of the democrats
to what comes out of the Middle East and Al Jazzera.
The reason you are trying so agressivly and trying so hard is that you guys are no longer in power! The Republicans are in control, and as far as I'm concerned they are like the democrats of long ago. Your Democrat party
is now socialist/communist. If you dont belive me just go look up "Comunist Goals" and compair that to the democrat agenda. It's the same thing, it's a proven failure, it never has worked and never will. Besides it's not for America.
I belive you care about America but you have been fooled! You have been missled, maybe your too closed and too far gone to understand it. Keep an open mind. Study history and learn from it, because you are tring to drive the country to what YOU think is good but it is really the opposite of what you really want. You are on the wrong side and don't even know it.

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