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 Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2006-10-10 13:20:36

Man. How did this guy ever get elected?
Surely some of the former? Duke supporters who wrote ill-informed, hate filled posts on this and other sites can make that clear to me?

Check out his angry letter. It ain't pretty:

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: Dan Anderson 
Date:   2006-10-10 13:31:35

Thanks for the link. The Union-Trib didn't publish the full text of the letter.

Speaking of left-over Duke supporters, here's some hate mail I got last month from someone in 29 Palms:

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 18:57:03 -0700
From: ——-@29palms.mil
IP Address:

let me guess... you're a fricking pussy that never served in the military
right, but you'll go to great lengths to critize those that did right?

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-10 13:48:13

Ah, Dan, a fan! (How dare you expose my hero as a felon!)

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-11 08:33:26

Round eyed girl friend in the states, giving a young warrior a dose upon his departure to the badlands. Ensign, that is cold. Damb cold.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2006-10-11 09:14:38

Nice bit of mail there Dan. It must get old rather fast.

It's the same old story...Duke's supporters (and all those supporting similar disgraceful people), when faced with the overwhelming evidence against him, choose not to attack based on the charges and the issues raised but rather on myopic and baseless "straw men" positions.

I haven't seen once where you, Dan Anderson, have said anything to the effect of "I hate all people who have served in the military!" That being the case, I can't understand why they write such things.

Except for perhaps one reason: They supported the losing team. It's a fact that people like a winner and when the winner is revealed as a crook, the rabid support that these people have heaped upon the loser really, really burns.

That being the case, they feel the need to lash out and hurt the people who knew all along that the guy was a crook. They want to kick a$$ and change the subject, and make it about how unpatriotic you are being "tearing down" a person who served.

Which, as we know, is pure hootie.

To all those who do such things, I ask you: When did serving in the military give you a free pass to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted? I have nothing but respect for LAWFULL people and twice as much for LAWFULL active service people and veterans.

Three of my siblings served in the military, while I did not. They are as sickened as I am about Duke, and wish even more than I that he gets every bad thing coming to him. Why? Because he broke the law that THEY served trying to uphold. Isn't that the point of it all?
Those in the military, at base, serve to uphold and protect our rights and our society. The basic premise of any democratic society is freedom UNDER THE LAW.

The law that Duke fragrantly broke whenever he felt like it...as if he was above it all. It comes from idiots like the one who wrote to you Dan, the ones who told him how @!#$ great he was all his life simply for his skill as an aviator.

BTW, my younger brother earned two Purple Hearts recently in Iraq. He is probably going back. I have never heard him complain once about serving, getting wounded or going back. He swore a solemn oath...an oath that Duke unfortunately forgot.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-11 16:49:10

R. Middlemas - Very, very well said.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-10-11 17:58:47


That is Randy's handwriting as I just compared it to a note he wrote me on the back of his "business card" when I saw him in SD in 1977. The letter shows his age, but extremely close to his writing on the card.

BTW, the card has a drawing of a MiG-21 in the middle and says on top HAVE MIG-WILL TRAVEL.\\, and on the bottom, LCDR. Randy Duke Cunningham
First Ace in Viet Nam.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-11 19:06:39

Sell it on eBay. Perhaps the loyal will buy it.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: R. Middlemas 
Date:   2006-10-12 08:09:15

Thanks Paul. That means a lot.

I just can't let the idiots get to me. That sort of thing fires me right up though....

Dan is The Man. You don't mess with The Man.

 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-10-12 09:29:27


LOL....Nah....it's addressed to me..."Bats"....and even if he is a scoundrel, we had some good flights together, including one from NKX to Hill AFB in Utah in November, 1969...."Navigational Training", 'cept we had a centerline Blivit instead of a fuel tank and a surprise inside.

On landing this young AF airman chocked us, then was totally enthralled at this big F-4 that HE got to take care of....Hill back then was a cargo base and rare to have a fighter land there.

He would push his ball-cap back on his head and start scratching...Golleee, that sure is a neat airplane...Golleeee.

His eyes popped out of his head when we opened that blivet and pulled out two shotguns and some hunting clothes.

Wha Wha——
What are you going to do with those guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're going pheasant hunting on my dad-in-laws farm in Cache Valley....says I.

Gollleeeeee!!!!!!! Scratching his head some more.

Well—-well——well——I'll take good care of your airplane for you sirs...I sure will. Golleee.....scratching some more.

What a hoot!!!!!

BTW, check out this site....wife's folks farm is to the far right at the base of those mountains and explains why she's far from a city girl and loves living in the CO mountains.


 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-12 21:25:13


 Re: Duke's Chicken Scratch Letter
Author: busbybob 
Date:   2006-10-15 17:10:29

This handwritten scrawl by the Duke only proves that most of the political leaders are an unknown quantity to the constituents - that's why they get reelected. Cunningham was a dunce when he was first elected and still is - amazing he floated that long in Congress. Look at Bilbray - another moron. Now Duncan Hunter is hoping his indiscretions concerning real estate blow over. Harry Reid is dodging questions too. Vote them all out and fluff up the top bunk in the joint so that Hunter can join his buddy, the Duke. They can pray together again for redemption...

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