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 Still More with many links
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-09-30 11:14:16

It may have been posted before, but if not here's a website with Randy's history, many references and pertinent links re: Cunningham


 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-09-30 12:19:51

Makes me want to puke all over again.

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: Senior Fleet Ensign Hewett 
Date:   2006-10-03 05:59:51

Thanks for the article LB. That has to be the most comprehensive account of Cunningham available. Easy to web-surf all over the place from the many links highlighted within. When Paul earlier diagnosed Cunningham as possibly "bi-polar", I think he hit the nail on the head. Nutso all to often.

I found this quote to be interesting:
"Susan filed for divorce and a restraining order in January 1973 based on her claims of emotional abuse, and the divorce was granted nine months later.[2] Cunningham later stated that at that point, his life hit "rock-bottom."

In light of Cunningham's current plight, I wonder if he would be willing to update his description of "rock-bottom"........


 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-03 08:57:31

Well said, LB, about "Rock Bottom" only being ledges on the way down the abyss. As for getting him help, I believe that he was/is too stupid to acknowledge the problems and accept the help. Bi-polars are like that.

But, in all fairness, I have to hand Cunningham a couple things:

1) He took the bullet and got his wife off the hook with the Feds.
2) At least he was going after wimmins and not like Foley going after boys.

The republicans must be reeling over this Foley thing.

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-03 11:45:28

Hey Scoot, er, Scott, thanks for the DVD. I had hoped for the JO Bunkroom production of "Nikkid Wimmins of Po City" actually.

But believe me, this will do!

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-03 14:35:50

"Ah, Scootie, you handsome boy. Me Evelyn, long time, short time same price! I love you Scootie, no sh!t baby. You take me to America, get me a visa card and an SUV and I go long time, all the time for you Scootie!"

And Taz became a legend with his motor oil, battery cables and cases of hair spray . . .

I do know a 1st class ET that went Asiatic. He got back to the world, got out of the Navy, went back to Po City and set up house and a business there with his bar girl. He owned a jeepney company. Owned about 6 of them. And he and she owned a bar, I forget which one, but it was from the late 1970s.

He came back to America with the love of his life, and yep, they own a Filipino resturant in LA. I expect Taz to be opening "Scooties" anytime with a whole bevy of those doe eyed LBFMs.

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: Senior Fleet Ensign Hewett 
Date:   2006-10-03 17:36:43

Jeez, give the Ensign a break! ONE time in my life I can't spell my name and I'm chastised beyond belief!
It kinda reminds me of that ONE TIME I got drunk and woke up with that Sheep in bed with me....My buddies are forever harping on me about that!

Right now I'm thinking about re-reading Shakespeares MacBeth:
"Out out, damn Scott".........

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-03 20:25:44

LB, you were very kind to change that from Senior Ensign to General . . .

You know I never had the pleasure of an RON with Mama-san in the room, but I did RON with a lady and her chickens came in during the night. I go to take a pee and put on my shoes to go to the head, that emptied out onto - not into - the Sh!t River. You heard everything hit.

I recall one working girl and for whatever reason, she wanted packets of shark repellent. Another wanted flares for her pencil flare gun. The riggers shook their heads and accomodated and all went nicely. But shark repellent . . . pencil flares ? Strange.

We survived the war, and liberty, by pure luck.

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: paul 
Date:   2006-10-03 22:53:36

Taz, they are disgusting. But then again, about anyone out of a Connie bunkroom, what can I say . . .

Yeah, the corner sink trick. I never saw it, but a few guys swore that some of those babes could stand on a chair and pee in the sink. The visual is something. Sure make you not want to wash your face or brush your teeth in one!

 Re: Still More with many links
Author: LB 
Date:   2006-10-06 13:27:23


When I got out I kept all my flares and other survival gear. We not only had the Navy issued pencil flares/gun, but also an Air Force issued flare/gun. That was far superior as unike the navy .38 cal fired flares, these had a small rocket motor to penetrate the jungle canopy.

I moved to Denver out of the Navy and at midnight on New Years Eve decided to try out one of those AF flares...had never fired it before.

We lived in a new apt. complex overlooking a pond and another new apt. complex being built about a block away on the other side of the pond.

I aimed about a 45 degree angle and fired. BANG!!!!

Well, I'll be darned if that sucker wasn't absolutely FAR SUPERIOR than the Navy flares....it went up and up and up and stayed flaring, flying over the pond and finally coming down in the midst of the construction.....

The neighbor above me came running out and I went running in....He was a cop. The neighbor below me came running out....he was a fireman. I thought I was in deep trouble for starting a fire in a construction project....but fortunately, no fire.

I never fired that sucker again, but did finally use up my Navy flares at various July 4 parties......those didn't do much compared to the AF flares.

Oh yeh, that little pond looked pretty cool with the bright florescent green from the survival dye marker I tested there.

I finally gave the AF flares to the local fire dept for disposal as after 35 years thought they might be unstable and had long ago lost the launcher.

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