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Author: Robert Turner 
Date:   2001-09-01 14:57:31

Mon, August 2, 1999 3:57 pm

Hi Dan

Just discovered your site & truly enjoyed both the "facts" & the hyperventilated criticism. I'm sorry to say that I'm a resident in the 51st district & feel seemingly powerless to unseat this man. Virtually everyone I talk to in the district would like to see Cunningham removed from office but they are diehard
Republicans first & wouldn't vote for a Democrat under any circumstances. I think the best way to unburden ourselves of this man is to support any Republican who might challenge him in the primaries. Remember we can now cross registration boundaries when voting in the primaries. It's not a perfect solution, but certainly better than what we have now.
Bob Turner

Author: Robert Funk 
Date:   2004-11-04 07:02:35

You obviously don't like Congressman Cunningham. Whatever.
I will say this about him. I am very concerned about illegal immigration and securing our borders. I wrote to all of my elected officials, both local and federal to voice my concerns about this very important subject. Duke was the only one who even bothered to take the time to write back to me and give a rundown on the things he is doing to fight this plague on our country.
Because of this and the many other things he does for our community he got my vote last Tuesday.

Robert Funk

 Re: Randy "DooK" Cunningham
Author: R. B. Middlemas 
Date:   2005-07-07 15:14:33

Don't worry Mr. Turner, Randy "Dink" Cunningham's days are numbered.

And to Mr. Funk, one question: Wasn't this country founded on, to a large degree, immigration? Sure, lawful immigration, I get that. But "a plague on our country"? I think not. I see that you are prone to hyperbolic language or dare I say, rhetoric?

I think a bigger plague on our country is when elected officials like "Dink" and others use their office to the enrichment of themselves and their friends. Perhaps an even bigger plague is of likes of WorldCom, Global Crossing, Tyco, Enron, et al. These people defrauded and stole billions of dollars from us all. Isn't that closer to a plague?

And perhaps the worst plague: A President that lies to his citizens and throws away young lives simply to make money for his buddies. Surely, the "Dink" can relate to that, having been in the military? By all accounts, this is not so...

One more thing Mr. Funk: I don't think it's swift to admit that the sole reason why you voted for The "Dink" is because he spent 37 cents on a stamp to mail you a letter. Wait a second...he didn't even do that. Congressmen get free postage.

As you would so eloquently say: "Whatever".

Author: Paul 
Date:   2005-07-07 21:42:59

Mr. Funk -

North America, Central America and South America were settled by immigrants. The indians came over on several occasions by way of the land bridge. No human originated on the continent of the Americas . . . none.

For that matter, the settlers of Mexico and Central America, first settled in North America They then moved South to Mexico and Central America, better booze, drugs, beaches, labor costs, tourist chicks etc. . . . could they just be coming home . . . . ?

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