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 Lies about Cunningham
Author: LBatt 
Date:   2004-01-08 07:52:08

Another typical liberal who has nothing better to do with his time than spew forth LIES about those you disagree with.

I was Randy's FIRST RIO and I NEVER saw him "womanizing".

I NEVER saw him DRUNK.

As for the proper ID of "Col. Toomb" or whatever, it wasn't Randy who came up with that. It was the D.O.D. And that last dogfight is one of the all time classics and perhaps the longest arial engagement in history.

Randy and I....and I'd bet Randy and Willie, his second RIO, were the ONLY ones in the squadron to constantly check out and study the Have Doughnut and Drill books....one being "secret" manuals on studies of prior MiG engagments by USN and USAF pilots, and another on the MiG tactics learned by the Top Gun instructors flying and fighting the captured MiGs we had.

IF you, Dan, and other detractors from Cunningham would put as much time and effort into helping the causes which you criticize Randy for, the world would be a much better place.

But unfortunately, you are such a low life chicken-@!#$ that you have nothing more meaningful in your life than to host such a site as this and to put others down.

Meanwhile..... Randy's REAL constituents just continue to re-elect the man while those of your ILK expose yourselves for what you truly are.

And thank you for that.

 Re: Lies about Cunningham
Author: jerry kammer 
Date:   2006-11-04 05:21:55

I'm a reporter for Copley and the San Diego Union Tribune in Washington. With some of my fellow reporters who worked on the Cunningham bribes-for-earmarks scandal, we're writing a book about Duke. I'd like very much to speak with you. Please notify if I can give you a call.

 Re: Lies about Cunningham
Author: mitch wade 
Date:   2005-07-07 15:19:18

LBatt has it together......seems as if the leftist..let's bring america down bunch teel their lies so often they actually begin to believe THEM!!!

what a joke they are passing as "human beings"???

 Re: Lies about Cunningham
Author: rbmiddlemas 
Date:   2005-07-12 14:23:44

Once again, we have Mitch piggy backing on to another person's thread. And an old one at that...


Once again, you only have to use one exclamation point. We get it that you are happy and excited.

Second, it's "tell" not "teel"....

Third, you aren't the same Mitch Wade who is the former head of MZM, are you? You aren't the same Mitch Wade who resigned in shame from MZM, are you?
Finally, you aren't the same Mitch Wade who turned out to be a stunningly bad speculator of real estate, are you? Do tell....

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