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Author: jamie 
Date:   2006-03-03 22:47:38

All I have heard since GW was elected has been that this sort of thing has always happened. I would like to know if that is true. Here we are with the Dept. of Aging being cut millions and hospice pts. being cut from 2 visits weekly for healthcare in their homes to 2 visits a month. Here we are spending 15 billion a month over there! And millions of US citizens without healthcare. It was identified that it would cost the US 86 billion to have a socialized healthcare system to cover all. Now we will have a ? 5 trillion dollar debt and unaffordable healthcare for US citizens and healthcare given to illegal aliens? Very Sad. Pension protection? For "FAT CAT" CEO'S AND MANAGEMENT, AND CREATIVE LOBBYISTS. My dad worked 42 years as a steelworker and served in WWII,Korea as a Marine Proudly. Died in 1982 and his pension was lost and my mother left destitute. And this republican congressman wants leniency because he served in Viet Nam? I don't think so. My dad contracted malaria and suffered his whole life to die of cancer at 60, is in the boy scouts hall of fame and never dishonored his country as this REPUBLICAN has. God bless his service to the USA but no ticket to ride for free is he entitled.

I am curious- which US president has benefited most financially in US history upon there entering the White House and which benefitted least? Aggragate wealth accumulated. How many democrats have been in this position in the last 2 terms or in history? God Bless America and our troops who have to buy their own protection from bullets and weaponry. God Save the United States of America from this type of politics. America Unite!

Author: Phil Karn 
Date:   2006-03-04 10:22:42

Jamie, I certainly sympathize with you. Cunningham fully deserved to go down in flames, and now he has.

But this sort of thing runs far deeper than one unusually stupid congressman who didn't realize that he could have become even richer through •legal• corruption (retiring from Congress and becoming a well-paid lobbyist). This sort of thing will keep happening as long as people keep voting for politicians who blatantly pander to fear, ignorance, hate and blind nationalism as Cunningham did so well long before he started taking bribes.

The damage his corruption did to the country was a flea fart compared to the damage he did openly with his intemperate public remarks, his ill-considered, often vindictive legislation, and his horrible voting record. Yet throughout this time he kept getting re-elected. He was, after all, a War Hero.

There's only one way to save the country, and that is for people to reject Cunningham's pathological form of "patriotism" and return to the values embodied in the US Constitution: diversity, openness, respect for the individual,
solving problems through reason and honest, robust public debate, and above all an extreme reluctance to resort to force (military or police) except when there is absolutely no other choice.

Author: Paul 
Date:   2006-03-04 11:50:20

Well said Phil. Along with me, the right wing now hates you also. Welcome to the club.

I used to talk to many of the North County retired Navy senior officers and flags telling them that he was a pig and a bore . . . at least get someone who was a great representative of the Navy. But when those guys get into the lock-step mode, there is no changing them. Especially, by someone who was "dis-loyal" and resigned commission.

But as I was told the other day, "they were using him for their legistlative agenda, and they got that." Cunningham, to parapharse Phil was just a 'fly fart.' They will soon get another to carry thier whims and wishes. As long as he gets what they want, and is not gay, they are for him. It is very funny, they are so fearful of gay people . . .

Bet Cunningham is so very happy that his "Get Tough" prison legislation died in committee.

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