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Some people think I'm opposed to education because it saves money. That's true—it's precious money that could be better spent on B-2 bombers, give to my military contractor friends, and to "redevelop" my D.C yacht club. I want to end most federal education programs and cut education funding [ Project Vote Smart voting record for Mr. Cunningham].

However, there's a second, more personal reason to oppose education. I don't think school children should be any smarter than a U.S. Congressman (me). I was voted by the Washingtonian magazine’s "Best & Worse of Congress." as “no rocket scientist.” by Capitol Hill staff. If you look at my Congressional speeches, you'll know doesn't take a lot of money to achieve stupidity.

Here's some "gems" I want to share with you: (italics added):

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “I came down because I was upset at the gentlewoman's statement, not against it but what she was saying, because I am 100 percent pro-life; but I also want to support the life endangerment of the mother, and the gentleman from New York. [Mr. Solomon] is telling me—because I was ready to vote against the bill.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page H1194]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “That is the heart of this whole crunch, I think, is that the people that want to concrete the earth, the people that want to cause the sludge problems in the mining, and I agree with you, there are a lot of violations in our country, and I think we can work. But to give someone compensation, to keep someone from their property rights without access to a road, to keep somebody from hunting on land that we have hunted since the stone age time, those are things that come to the heart of the agenda of the groups that are proposing this bill to stop property rights.” [Congressional Record, 103rd Congress, page 5686]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “As my colleagues know, both my daughters, when we talked about Megan's law a minute ago, and with the gentleman from New York [Mr. Schumer], I agree, as my colleagues know, that they should be locked up for a long time and there is a high recidivism, and the reason I agree with the gentlewoman from New York [Ms. Slaughter] is that just because they are at a young age right now when they are attacked, they are going to be young ladies before long, and I would think that the same kind of penalty would follow on even though they grow older in age. I do not know the Constitution. I am not a lawyer. But I just think that by logic that it would be a good idea.” [Congressional Record, 104th Congress, page H4480]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “By ‘snakelike tactics’ I mean in general, and I will be specific, but I will not apply to anybody specifically on it, but I will point out some instances with different departments within the Government that I think have used tactics that are, like was said, we may not trust either one, sampling or counting, and if the gentleman would accept that.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page H10913]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “We did have the Alton Harris case of a person who was guilty, and I appreciate it because of the sympathy, because it does drag out a process where the guy admitted, yet we kept on going, and I understand that is not what we are talking about.” [Congressional Record, 104th Congress, page 1422]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “You don't have to be a mathematical genius to figure out that you are going to turn into a pumpkin, and when you do that, how do you expand that force out, as you try and rework it, put the rewiring in, you upgrade it. But essentially, you take a 1950 Chevy, which in some cases are pretty good, by the way, the Chevies are, and expand them for some 20 to 30 years. But if your are driving that airplane every day, which we are in Somalia, we are wearing it out. ....... The second phase is that the more you fly an airplane, the safer that airplane actually is because you are exercising it.” [Congressional Record, 103rd Congress, page H671]

  • Mr. CUNNINGHAM. “Reclaiming my time, Mr. Chairman, before I yield back the time, I mention just one more benefit from this, not only the Federal Government's responsibility for helping create jobs in NAFTA, not only in our rail but other rails, but to take a look at the environmental concerns when we put trains on and take heavy trucks and transportation off of our highways, the environmental and the pollution with EPA and so on is also benefited.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page H5648]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “One of the most victorious things I think that has ever happened to me is we sponsor an art contest, like many of the Members.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page: H10878]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “Mr. Speaker, what would we ask our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to agree with us on command General Becton when we look at the President's budget and the Republican budget to come together? ...The American public and the economy is stagnant at about 3 and 4 percent... When the President in the 104th Congress gave us three separate balanced budgets that did not increase the balanced budget in time, but yet when his fourth one scored by CBO came up, 70 percent of the cuts took place in year 7.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page: H753]

  • MR. CUNNINGHAM: “I listened to a Republican Governor the other day, and what does this mean to the future, not only to our senior citizens, but to our children as well, as far as a balanced budget? He said that his father took home 82 percent of his paycheck, his brother and his sister only take home 45 percent of their paycheck, and that under the current spending of Congress, an increase in taxes, he can expect his children to take between 16 and 18 percent of their paycheck home.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page: H750]

  • Mr. CUNNINGHAM. “Mr. Speaker, my father took home about 85 percent of his paycheck. My brother will take home about 45 percent of his paycheck. My daughters, at the current rate of taxes and spending, will take home between 10 and 16 percent.” [Congressional Record, 105th Congress, page: H3892]
[Ref: Library of Congress' Thomas system]



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